“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

- Malcolm X

Dear Parents, As-salaam- u-Alaikum!

Each child is born with "Fitrat-e-Islam" and it is the duty of elders to guide and nurture them onto the path of religion they are sent to. The sharp decline in the moral standards has been accepted by many as a natural change in the society and it is also felt that this is an irreversible damage and as a result about causing a reform in the society. But we must take the guidance from the Holy Qur'an and know that believers cannot be hopeless people, as Allah Himself says: Don't loose hopes in Allah's mercy. Coming back to the point, when we try to ascertain the reason for this despicable situation, we realize that there are many factors responsible for this. Our society has been striving hard to attain peace, prosperity, respect, employment, quality, and many such desirable features, but it has failed miserably. Now, if we think logically we will find that the roots of the problem are in the improper and unmindful upbringing of children at home and faulty education system at school. We strongly believe that the right selection of school will solve a good part of the problem. If parents start to be cautions in this regard, a big and revolutionary change could be expected! The Islamic education system is the basis of all kinds of knowledge as it teaches the purpose of life and helps in character development. So, there is a vital need of educating our children about Islam in a way that they inculcate the primacy and values of our religion in their thoughts and actions. Furthermore, being able to deal with the mundane affairs demand the knowledge of the world around us which a school curriculum provides and helps students strive for academic excellence. Amalgamating these two makes HIS, one of its kind in town. We, at Hudabiya International School, have a very sincere plan to instill a very honest sense of hereafter (Akhirat) and this world (Duniya) in our students. The Whole idea of His revolves making student successful in both the worlds, i.e. Duniya and Akhirat. Lastly we would like to assure that we wish to construct valuable citizen who work professionally to take India ahead and live peacefully to make our beloved country the most sought after destination in this world.

May Allah help us achieve our aim.